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Lecture Two

August 25, 2011

Announcement: https://logicandreasoning1200.wordpress.com/  Has the syllabus, class notes, extras.  Blackboard only for grading.


At this point you should:
a. have looked at the syllabus
b. know the difference between rhetoric and philosophical argumentation.

Today: What does it mean for philosophical arguments to be logos based?

Chapter One: pp. 3,4.

* Monty Python Skit:

A. Defn of “argument”:  “An argument is a connected series of propositions that are intended to give reasons for another proposition.”

Defn of “proposition”: “Propositions are sentences or statements that have truth value (either true or false).”

Two types of propositions: “conclusions”, “premises”.  Conclusion is the proposition that you want to prove to be true.  Premises are the propositions that provide reasons to believe the conclusion.

For next time, read Chapter Three.

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