Practice Questions

The following are practice questions over the material covered in Week 1.  They may represent potential exam questions.  You are not required to answer these questions and turn them in, but feel free to leave your answer in the comments.

1.  Matching
a.  Ethos                  1. Reason
b. Pathos                 2. Authority
c.  Logos                 3.  Emotion

2.  Fill in the blank

An argument is a __________ series of _________________ that are intended to give ________________ for another ____________________.

3.  Short answer.

Bob gives a poor argument in support of his position, and Alice says, “your argument is simply false.”  Suppose Bob’s argument is:

1.  All planets are massive enough to clear their orbits. (this is true)

2.  Pluto is not a planet.   (this is true)

3.  Therefore, Pluto is not massive enough to clear its orbit.   (this is true)

Here’s Neil DeGrasse Tyson trying to justify why he demoted Pluto from Planethood.

But these investigative journalists suspect something more sinister…

That’s right… Neil deGrasse Tyson actually commandeered the Large Hadron Collider, launched it into deep space, and Pluto was history…


Ahem.  What should Alice have said to Bob, and explain the difference to her.


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