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Why Critical Thinking is Important

Critical thinking is about examining the reasons one has for a position.  Sometimes, one adopts a position, and then later encounters reason to suspend judgment.  If we refuse to think critically, and hold steadfast to our prior beliefs, perhaps because we can’t admit we were wrong, terrible things can happen.

Troy Davis

Massimo Pigliucci says, “The thing to understand, though, is that critical thinking – like science itself – doesn’t come natural to human beings, it is a skill that needs to be acquired. We naturally tend to jump to conclusions based on very little evidence, rationalize our theories to the utmost degree, and stick with the wrong idea long after it has been shown to be false.”  Keep this in mind as you learn the skills for critical thinking, and while you watch these videos.

This is a four part documentary (about 45 minutes long total) about Troy Davis, who was executed yesterday for the murder of a Georgia police officer in 1989.  Perhaps more critical thinking could have saved his life.

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